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This is a list of interest categories and the interests within each category. Click on an interest to learn more about that item. If you are logged in, you will also see the members who have declared that interest, with a link to their member directory entry. Click the "More Info" link info to view additional information about the interest group.

Artistic Adventures, Arts, Crafts, Hobbies

Groups that cater to your special interests
156 Members
Members who enjoy exploring artistic adventures. Are you interested in crafts, artwork, gastronomy, exploring the creative process by seeing or doing?
Coordinator: Jamy Squillace

Book Clubs

Discussions of books selected by members
29 Members
Men's group that meets midafternoons monthly at a local coffeehouse.
Coordinator: Ed Miron
85 Members
Monthly afternoon gatherings for women who enjoy reading and making new friends. We meet in members' homes.
Coordinator: Taylor Powers
99 Members
Evening gathering of book-loving women that meets monthly at a member's home.
Coordinator: Lisa A Priebe


Groups that meet over coffee in different parts of the area. Some are women only; check the individual descriptions.
143 Members
This group meets monthly at a local restaurant. Open to all women newcomers.
Coordinator: Laura B MacDonald
115 Members
We meet monthly in restaurants (usually north of Harmony Rd) for coffee and socializing. All women are welcome!
Coordinator: Roz Mitchell
71 Members
This group is primarily for women that live south of Horsetooth Rd to be able to socialize monthly, however all women are welcome to attend.
Coordinator: Laura B MacDonald

Dining and Entertainment

A meal and socializing combined with an entertainment event.
165 Members
Enjoy a movie, then dinner at a nearby restaurant with other Newcomers.
Coordinator: Rosemary A Rader
170 Members
Socializing over dinner at a local restaurant followed by a nearby music event. Presently we do not have a Coordinator. If we do not have a volunteer this Interest group will disband. Hopefully someone will step forward.
34 Members
Get in touch with your inner thespian by attending a professional murder mystery dinner party or hosting your own with a kit for 8 people (4 men, 4 women). Presently, we do not have a Coordinator. If we do not have a volunteer soon, we will be forced to disband this Interest Group. Hopefully, someone will step forward so this doesn't happen.

Food and Drink

We offer lots of opportunities to eat!
90 Members
We meet at local restaurants, bars, or wineries mid-week in late afternoons or early evenings. Group size will be smaller than the Brew Crew interest group. Available to all members who register.
Coordinator: Jerry Raaz
37 Members
Are you a vegetarian, vegetarian curious, or trying to eat a meal or two without meat? Try joining Dinners For Eight – Vegetarian. These small group dinners will be held in people's homes with a potluck format. Each month we will try to have 2 dinners - please only sign up for one per month unless you are a host that month. Please contact the coordinator if you would like to host with details of date and how many people you can accommodate.
Coordinator: Roz Mitchell
173 Members
Fort Collins has an ever expanding collection of breweries; this group intends to explore them all. We meet at a different brewery each month around Happy Hour on Sundays or Thursdays.
Coordinator: Jim (Skinny) Hanlon
144 Members
New to Fort Collins and wanting to meet people? Try joining the Dinners for 7 or 8. These small group dinners at are held monthly in members homes. Sign up is for 4 monthly dinners
Coordinator: Roz Mitchell
96 Members
Women’s Lunch group. Join us for a leisurely late lunch and meet others that are new to the area. Each newcomer takes care of her own bill.
Coordinator: Lisa Gunter
32 Members
Join us to learn/talk about looseleaf tea from China and Taiwan. Future meeting dates will include tea tastings.
Coordinator: Lynn Benson
181 Members
We meet once a month (typically on the fourth Thursday) at different restaurants in and around Fort Collins for lunch. The goal is to find great new places to eat. You'll order off of the regular menu and take care of your own check, and also meet other Newcomers. Join us!
Coordinator: Catherine M Campbell
64 Members
We get together monthly and visit over breakfast and/or coffee. Each month the discussion topics will be whatever interests the group, but we will avoid politics.
Coordinator: Al Underwood
56 Members
New to Fort Collins and single? Let’s meet for a leisurely late lunch and share info about this great area in which we’ve landed. We will meet at a different restaurant each month. Each newcomer takes care of their own bill.
Coordinator: Lisa Gunter
122 Members
We meet monthly in member's homes to taste and discuss various types of wines.
Coordinator: Sherry G Haeusler


Have fun with fellow members over a variety of games.
120 Members
Enjoy a variety of board games with fun company monthly at a Member's home.
Coordinator: Dale M Davis
60 Members
Bunco is a simple dice game... no skill required! It gives us a fun time to converse and get to know each other. We will meet monthly for about 2 hours in member’s homes.
Coordinator: Lisa Gunter
9 Members
Intermediate, Chicago style (not duplicate) bridge twice a month. We generally play on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, 3:30pm. Dates and times are flexible depending upon participants schedules. We do our best to accommodate. Play, socialize and refresh your games and your conventions. We have a new venue: Equinox Brewing at 133 Remington St, Fort Collins, CO. Hope to see you soon!
Coordinator: Peter Corran


Outdoor activities
166 Members
Recreational biking monthly April-October in and around Fort Collins. The Easy Riders do shorter rides at an easy pace. We usually stop for brunch or lunch on these rides. This group will resume bike rides on April 1st 2021.
Coordinator: Steven E Schonfeld
56 Members
Recreational biking monthly in and around Fort Collins. The Grinders get more serious with longer and faster-paced rides. Lunch stops and stops at breweries have been known to happen on these rides.
Coordinator: Jerry Raaz
210 Members
We hike year-round on most Wed mornings on regional hikes suited for beginning to intermediate level hikers. The trails are between 3 and 7 miles long and rated between easy and flat to moderately difficult with more elevation change and hilly terrain.
Coordinator: Adrienne E Wong
227 Members
Tours in and around the Fort Collins area. We also have events in Boulder and Denver. Usually these events are about 2 hrs excluding travel time.
Coordinator: Nancy Sasavage
51 Members
This group is being refocused away from commercial partnerships and toward nonprofit and member-initiated events. Presently, we do not have a Coordinator. If we do not have a volunteer soon, we will be forced to disband this Interest Group. Hopefully, someone will step forward so this doesn't happen.
34 Members
Get to know the parks and natural areas throughout Ft Collins with this monthly walking group that lasts about an hour or one mile. Surfaces are paved, gravel and some short single trek paths but do not include significant hills or elevation gains. This is a good start to walking the outdoors for those new to CO altitude or wanting less challenging hikes. We meet the second Tuesday of the month at 9:00 am with possible earlier starts in summer and later in winter. Parking and restrooms are available. There is no charge for the use of any of these areas. Registration will be limited to 20 people.
Coordinator: Lynne A Proctor
53 Members
Play golf Tuesday mornings April through October at Southridge with other men new to Fort Collins.
Coordinator: Tom Ballent
105 Members
Monday hikes are scheduled most weeks. They range from moderate to challenging, typically 6-10 miles. In the winter many of our higher elevation hikes will be snowshoe hikes.
Coordinator: Ada Kan
132 Members
This Newcomer's league will be a recreational activity and not considered 'highly competitive' in the sense you should anticipate playing more for fun, sun and low impact exercise.
Coordinator: Charles C Howard
117 Members
Come explore the many local Fort Collins trails and hikes. Hikes will be easy to moderate (2 – 5 miles). The group is open to all. Every two weeks a new location will be identified for a hike. This group will gather every two weeks (weather permitting) on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. Hike will last approximately two hours. No cost to attend.
Coordinator: Jim Peterson
97 Members
This group meets once per month for an activity. The purpose is to keep active with different types of activities throughout the year, especially during the cold months when the hikes and bikes are not going. Presently, we do not have a Coordinator. If we do not have a volunteer soon, we will be forced to disband this Interest Group. Hopefully, someone will step forward so this doesn't happen.
42 Members
Whether you are new to golf or a regular player, come join us for 9 holes of golf and make new friendships.
Coordinator: Sandy Long


122 Members
Absolutely Lacking Intrinsic Value Entertainment: Make new friends socializing once a month over a casual lunch at a local deli.
Coordinator: Marguerite A Matthews
75 Members
Come laugh together, allow yourself to feel silly, get some great exercise through laughter and breathing exercises, all the while making new friends.
Coordinator: Miriam Gassman
213 Members
Events for all members or for new members.
Coordinator: Erie Lapidus
191 Members
Get together for a couple hours at a member's home and have fun meeting new folks. Bring an appetizer or dessert to share and a beverage for yourself. Make new friends and reunite with old ones!
Coordinator: Sherre Chapin

Volunteer Activities

Volunteer opportunities and club-wide activities.
164 Members
Lend a hand sorting and packing food one morning a month at the Food Bank for Larimer County.
Coordinator: Linda Goulet
104 Members
Wanted: Members who want to help proactively address our area's housing shortage. Beginning late Fall '17, Newcomer members and other volunteers, under the supervision of Ft. Collins Habitat for Humanity staff, will help build 48 homes at Harmony Cottages.
Coordinator: David Rardin