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Welcome to the Fort Collins Newcomers Club

The Fort Collins Newcomers Club provides newcomers with the opportunity to make new friends through special interest groups and social events. Most members are 50+ years of age and retired (though neither is a requirement).
  • We have over 400 members, and 30 interest groups that include food & drink, theater, socializing, recreation, games, tours, volunteering, and more. Browse through our groups by clicking on the Interests button to the left (for mobile devices, tap the  icon at the bottom, then tap Interests).
  • Last month, we had 35 events, including: 6 game, 7 hiking/biking, 4 food & drink, 2 book club, 2 singles events, 3 socializing, 4 womens coffees, 2 music, and 5 other events.
  • Do you have an interest in something that is not on our list? We will start a new group if there is sufficient interest among our members.
  • Members can join as many groups as they like through links on the Interests page.
  • All members are invited to the annual dinner (with entertainment) and the summer picnic.
  • The membership year begins Oct. 1 and runs through Sept. 30 of the following year.
  • DUES: Annual/renewal dues for existing members are $15 per person; for New members joining after Oct. 1 (the beginning of the membership year) dues vary based on membership date: I.e.$15 per person if membership date is between Oct. 1 and Jan. 31; $10 per person if membership date is between Feb. 1 and May 31; $5 per person if membership date is between June 1 and Aug. 31; $0 per person if membership date is during the month of Sept.  During the month of Sept., all current (non graduating) members will be asked to renew their membership for the following membership year at the then annual/renewal rate (currently $15 per person). 
The club has been active for over 75 years, helping to make Fort Collins the Choice City.

Prospective Members: If you have lived for less than two years in Fort Collins or surrounding small communities (Ault, Bellvue, Laporte, Masonville, Nunn, Severance, Timnath, Wellington or Windsor), you are eligible to join the Fort Collins Newcomers Club. (Residents of Loveland, Johnstown, Berthoud, and other points south are not eligible--sorry!)
  • To join, click the New Member Signup button to the left. (On mobile devices, first tap the  icon at the bottom. When you get to the dialog for adding your spouse/partner, make it full screen with the icon in the upper right corner.)
  • For more information, click the Contact Us button (on mobile devices, first tap the icon at the bottom).
Already a member? Click the Member Login link (top right, beneath the photo) to log in. (On mobile devices, click the icon at the bottom instead.) Forgot your password? Click the Forgot My Username/Password link on the login screen.
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